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"I was referred to Dr Pereira by my periodontist for a consultation. I was amazed at how much time and attention she gave me, explaining my options in a careful , caring and complete way. And even more, unlike so many doctors and dentists, the fee was more than reasonable."

Dave Hunniford

"Had two wisdom teeth extractions over past month. Dr. Pereira and staff did an amazing job. No pain, no time off work. Highly recommend them."

Randy Dwight

"A five star rating, a very relaxing and stressless atmosphere with knowledgeable and professional personnel. I was pleased with the dental work performed by Doctor Elsa Pereira."

Rich Unger

"a year ago- Dentist Elza Pereira is "PAINLESS", that's right, I said PAINLESS. She cares, she is totally professional and compassionate. Her Dental Hygienist Kathye is outstanding. I have been to Dr Pereira for tooth pulling, for a bridge, and each proceedure was performed with exceptional Patient First Regard. In Sarasota, this Dentist is The Best Of The Best."

Dave Hunniford

"Had two wisdom teeth extractions over past month. Dr. Pereira and staff did an amazing job. No pain, no time off work. Highly recommend them."

Luke larkin

"Dr. Pereira and her staff are very fun and friendly. Dr. Pereira goes the extra mile to make sure her patients are happy. She does a great job of listening and explaining what needs to be done and why. Very good dentist who seems to really enjoy her work!"


"I was a new patient of Dr. Larkin's before Dr. Pereira came in, and was so happy to have found him; he diagnosed a painful, ongoing problem that my former dentist somehow kept missing (an abscess against a nerve). So, I was a bit apprehensive when he retired soon after, but need not have been. Dr. Pereira is extremely vigilant and thorough; she shows you visuals of every problem she sees and explains it. During my years with her, she's discovered hidden problems (such as a big cavity hidden under a crown) from subtle clues that she followed like a dental detective. She's also a very caring person who puts you at ease.

I recently decided to replace an old, ill-fitting bridge that didn't match the adjoining teeth -- it was my third clunky bridge since I had the first one installed 46 years ago. Now, for the first time, I can smile easily because someone finally got it right! I was amazed at the amount of time Dr. Pereira and her assistant Stacey gave me. We (how nice to finally be consulted!) painstakingly matched the color, and they sent the first bridge back to the lab since the color was just slightly off. They took all the time I needed to get my bite right, enduring my comments about the “angler” and “clackers” along the way (they know what I mean, lol).

Today was my last appointment with Dr. Pereira before I move across the country, and I just wish I could take her and her team with me. I have received quality care from each of them, and despite undergoing some unpleasant procedures, I've always had a pleasant experience there. This is a remarkably cohesive, upbeat team with a great sense of humor that you find yourself caught up in; I have walked out of each visit feeling uplifted, which was never the case for me (or most people) after a dental appointment.

I will miss Dr. Pereira and her amazing staff. No other dentist has spent so much time with me, and it shows. I can't thank her enough."

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