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Emergency Dental Care

Nobody can plan for an emergency. Unfortunately, emergencies happen. Perhaps you experience an extreme toothache on the weekend, or a crown falls out. In case of emergency, we have staff members on call so we can provide the help you need.
When you call us over the weekend and indicate you have an emergency, we are available to get you the care you need. If your emergency happens during our office hours we will do whatever we can to get you on our schedule, and out of pain. We don’t want you to suffer!

How We Handle Emergencies

We will get you scheduled for an appointment and assess what we can do to control your discomfort prior to your visit with our specialized dentists. If you need a filling, crown or bridge we can typically start treatment the same day!

If your pain is due to infection or other unforeseen circumstance for which we cannot complete in the same day, we will appoint you for another day that fits your busy schedule. At this time we will assess what is necessary to curb your discomfort until we are able to complete treatment.

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Pain Managment

Sometimes patients have dental emergencies, yet have no pain. This can mean that you have:

  • Chipped a tooth
  • Lost a filling
  • Lost a crown
  • A mouth sore
  • Other

If this is the case, we still want to see you as soon as possible. At times, these happenings can start out pain free but then get to a painful level very quickly.

How can we help you?

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